Our Approach to ‘Remote Learning’

Since the Global Pandemic and National Restrictions on the attendance of Pupils in schools we have rapidly developed the use of technology to ensure that every child is able to continue in their learning journey whether on-site or off site. We have embraced new methods of teaching, learning and interacting and as a school community we have continued to learn and grow together.

We have used our existing resources and the additional resources provided by the DFE to ensure that pupils who have to remain at home during periods of restricted attendance or who are shielding or having to self-isolate, are able to loan a suitable device to enable them to access live lessons alongside all of their peers.

We are extremely proud of the levels of engagement of all pupils who have experienced this new way of accessing ‘teaching and learning’ and our gratitude to families for the on-going support they have provided at home. We continue to develop the use of technology to enhance learning as we recognise that the skills we develop now will be of high importance in all workplaces in the future as we continue to emerge into an ever changing world.