At SS. Mary & John’s Catholic Primary Academy, we believe that fostering a love for reading is essential for our pupils to thrive academically and personally. Our vision is to create a culture where reading for pleasure is not only encouraged but celebrated.

We believe reading is central to everything. It is the key to learning and achieving aspirations. Reading for pleasure is a great escape into other worlds, other people’s lives and our imagination.

Through our carefully selected books, stimulating reading environments, and dedicated support from our staff, we aim to ignite the passion for reading in every child. We understand the transformative power that books hold in expanding minds, broadening horizons, and nurturing empathy.

By embracing reading for pleasure, our pupils embark on a journey where imagination knows no bounds, knowledge is limitless, and curiosity is never quenched. We are committed to providing a diverse range of literature that reflects the cultural richness of our world, ensuring every child finds joy and inspiration within the pages of a book. Together we aim to shape minds and hearts for a lifetime.