Each of our classes has two Liturgy Leaders whose job it is to take pride in helping to lead and set an example in daily prayer in our classrooms, in our peace garden and also help us all to lead prayer in whole school worship.

They are available to listen to any of the children’s ideas for making worship even better at SS Mary & John’s!

All of the Liturgy Leaders are responsible to our school family for:

  • Organising and leading our class liturgies and prayer services
  • Helping to plan, prepare and lead our school and parish Masses
  • Caring for our class prayer areas and displays
  • Helping our leadership team with school assemblies and special events
  • Creating displays and choosing interesting artefacts for our main school displays and our peace garden
  • Supporting charities and raising funds in our parish and local community
  • Encouraging, enthusing and supporting their friends, in their journey of faith
  • Encouraging every one of our school family to follow Jesus’ example by sharing the weekly Gospel message.
  • Demonstrating our school mission: Striving for excellence as disciples of Jesus,
    learning from St Mary and St John.
  • Carrying the School Banner into Mass and writing and reading the welcome to everyone present.
  • Supporting our parish and school at masses and celebrations.