Personal, Social, Health and Relationships Educations (PSHRE), at SS. Mary and John’s Catholic Primary Academy.

Curriculum Intent:

We recognise the importance that education has in ensuring all children develop the knowledge, skills and understanding to enable them to lead healthy, safe and happy lives now and in the future. Children need to be taught about how to be healthy, how to make positive relationships and how to live in the wider world. We believe that children need to have the opportunity to ask questions and have these answered in a safe, supportive environment in an unbiased manner that supports them to be able to independently make the right choices to maintain their health and well being now and in the future.

Curriculum Implementation

We use a variety of high quality resources and external professional advice and support in our teaching programme for PSHRE. We combine the aspects from the PSHE Association, TenTen programme of study and the Catholic Education Service to inform our teaching. PSHRE is taught both directly in subject specific lessons and also embeded throughout our work in school in all aspects of the curriculum. Catholic values and virtues are interlinked with Modern British Values and form a seamless basis for our PSHRE curriculum.

Curriculum content is updated to reflect current experiences / challenges and by doing so we are confident we are able to give children the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to make sense and feel safe in the world and community around them.



Through the work we do in school we aim to ensure that every child is able to :

*Ask questions

*Develop knowledge

*Make appropriate choices

*Lead a happy, safe and healthy life at all stages and ages now and in the future.

Pupil voice, parent voice and behaviour records help us to review and evaluate the impact of our work in school.