Our Motto is: ‘Learning with Christ as our guide’

Our Academy Mission Statement is:
SS. Mary and John’s Primary Academy is a Catholic Academy
of the 21st Century. Christ is the centre of all that happens at
our Academy. With Christ as our example and guide we can
learn to: Worship, Work, Play, Trust, Respect, Love and care,
as God wants us to.

The Purpose of Catholic Education:
The overriding purpose of any Catholic School is to provide a Catholic,
Faith based education of the highest quality to Catholic pupils within the
Parish and wider community the school serves and to all other pupils
whose families request it where there are places available.

Our Aim:
Our aim is to provide an outstanding educational experience for every
child who attends SS. Mary and John’s Catholic Primary Academy.
Working with every family, to meet the needs of every child, ensuring they
make good progress and reach age expected outcomes. Pupils, Parents,
Families and Carers choose our Academy as they trust us to provide each
child with the highest quality education, opportunities, experiences and
pastoral care that will enable every child to succeed in their future lives.

Evaluation of Provision:
We constantly evaluate our provision to ensure that we are offering the
best opportunities for every child. We monitor planning, lessons,
children’s work and analyse assessment data to identify where we are
meeting our aims and where we are not. Our Academy improvement
plans focus on areas for development and we always strive for success.

Further Information on our Curriculum

Copies of our unit plans can be provided to parents and members of of the public by contacting the school office and requesting these.

Please click on the link below to view the current subject overviews.

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